Montrose Christian Church COVID-19 Update

and Plan for Sundays

MCC Church family, you certainly know by now that we don’t consider the Church to be a building or a slate of programs, but a gathering of people who have been “called out” to live for Christ. Fortunately, during these challenging times the Word of God reminds us to not forsake the gathering (Hebrews 10:25), but it doesn’t specify how large that gathering must be. 


Evidenced by the fact that we met as a large group on Sunday, March 15th, in the midst of what is being labeled a pandemic, and a national emergency, we are not a fearful group of people (Psalm 46). However, we ARE a loving group of people, and it is love that has prompted the leadership of MCC to make the difficult decision to put a pause on our large group gatherings, including Sunday mornings, for the next several weeks. 


Fortunately, we are “wired” for exactly this kind of scenario. As mentioned before, our identity is not tied to buildings and programs but to our common calling of following Jesus. Our values:


  • Directed by Scripture and the Holy Spirit

  • Devoted to Selfless Living

  • Dedicated to a Simple Focus on Relationships

  • Determined to Stand for the Family


…free us to live out our incredible calling until we can re-unite in a larger setting. Again, we’re doing this out of a love for our fellow mankind (John 13:34-35) and out of respect for our national and local leaders (Romans 13:1). 


Let’s call this “staying relationally connected while being socially distant”. Please know that the MCC leadership (elders and staff) remain available to anyone who has any kind of need, be it prayer, food, supplies, or emotional support. So feel free to contact us by voicemail, text, or e-mail. We also encourage you to check in regularly on our website and Facebook page for updates.


We will be making the weekly sermon study notes available for you to use in whatever setting you choose. You can access those notes by clicking the links provided.


The most common command in Scripture is that we “fear not”, so in obedience and in a clear understanding that our mighty God is in absolute control and we need not fear, we will proceed in loving one another with no need to fear. No doubt God is doing a wonderful work through, and in, these interesting times. We love you all and look forward to being all together again soon!


May God bless you & keep you in His care!

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