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Montrose Christian Childhood Center is a multicultural, faith-based, inclusive preschool in the heart of Montrose, Colorado!

Our Core Values

  • Each child is a gift from God.

  • Each child has unique abilities and needs.

  • Each child will receive authentic love and affection.

  • Each child’s play is extended to include core academic, physical fitness, and social skills.

  • Each child will be safe from all physical and emotional harm.

  • Each child will experience diversity as a manifestation of our global community.

  • Each child will develop meaningful, lifelong relationships with classmates and teachers.

  • Each teacher appreciates his/her responsibility and challenge to help their children grow.

  • Each teacher realizes his/her own responsibility to grow and develop as individuals.

  • Each family is an important part of the childcare experience.


Montrose Christian Childhood Center is a non-profit childcare and preschool that aims to assist and support families as they help their children develop into God's full potential by providing children with exceptional learning experiences, research-based curriculum, play opportunities, and high-quality affordable childcare.



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NOTE: The days darkened on the calendar indicate days when the MCCC will not be open.
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