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Montrose Christian Childhood Center is a multicultural, faith-based, inclusive preschool in the heart of Montrose, Colorado!

Our Core Values

  • Each child is a gift from God.

  • Each child has unique abilities and needs.

  • Each child will receive authentic love and affection.

  • Each child’s play is extended to include core academic, physical fitness, and social skills.

  • Each child will be safe from all physical and emotional harm.

  • Each child will experience diversity as a manifestation of our global community.

  • Each child will develop meaningful, lifelong relationships with classmates and teachers.

  • Each teacher appreciates his/her responsibility and challenge to help their children grow.

  • Each teacher realizes his/her own responsibility to grow and develop as individuals.

  • Each family is an important part of the childcare experience.


Montrose Christian Childhood Center is a non-profit childcare and preschool that aims to assist and support families as they help their children develop into God's full potential by providing children with exceptional learning experiences, research-based curriculum, play opportunities, and high-quality affordable childcare.


Summer Care 2022 (Ages 2.5-7)

Our summer program experience is specifically designed to embrace our younger friends. The age-appropriate activities are engaging, exciting, and collaborative. As children make new friends, they also gain new skills to help develop self-confidence and independence. Through games, crafts, experiments, water days, and plenty of playground fun in the sun, our summer friends form long-lasting connections throughout an exhilarating, memorable summer.


Toddler Room (Ages 12mths/walking-24mths)

Honeybee Room 

The Honeybee Room is for young toddlers ages 12 months and walking to 24 months. This young toddler is now ready to take on the world! Our toddler program is designed to accommodate all these exciting milestones and foster newfound independence. This program builds on the fine and gross motor skills being developed during the first year allowing for exploration and play in a safe, responsive setting.  

Teachers listen attentively, talk through routines, and are sensitive to the types of activities that engage the child's attention to cultivate new skills. At MCCC, we will provide fun opportunities for your toddler's growth and development.  Teachers work closely with Director to monitor developmental accomplishments.


Toddler Room (Ages 24mths/36mths)

Busy Bee Room

Two-year-olds are a busy group - physically and verbally! Our two-year-old program fosters the critical relationship building that occurs at this age, supporting intellectual and social development.

Manipulative toys are used to promote eye-hand coordination. Teachers emphasize daily routines and social interaction through family style meals and other small group activities. Picture books, songs, and skits are used to increase color, shape, and number recognition.

Teachers organize socio-dramatic play activities so children can dress-up and role-play. This develops new skills, such as problem-solving, self-care routines and conversation. Children are frequently read stories to build listening skills and are often asked to repeat the stories to develop memory recognition.

Preschool Room (Ages 3-5 years) - Registration Open

MCCC's Preschool Program is for 3-5 years of age, who are fully potty trained and are ready to take the leap to a busier, bustling classroom filled with more choices, more friends, and more independence. Teachers create an environment and curriculum that encourages the mastery of social and academic skills, such as asking questions, sharing, taking turns, following directions, and taking responsibility for actions. Children cultivate a love of learning through play and group led activities. Most importantly children begin to learn to pray and develop a love for Jesus through Bible lessons, songs, and crafts.


Kinder Class (Ages 4.5-6)

Monday through Friday

9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Our Kinder Class is designed for older four-year-old and 5-year-old learners who have missed the school cut-off date.


Some of the benefits of our Private Kindergarten include:  Child to Teacher ratios is smaller for private vs public schools.  This means more individual attention for your child; Your child will feel less anxiety by continuing in the preschool environment with some of the same familiar teachers and administrators; Parents have more say in how and what their children are taught; We spend less time on mandated paperwork and more on instruction.  In addition, we are not compelled to focus on test scores.  As a result, our teachers tend to enjoy more autonomy in the classroom and have more creativity in their teaching methods.  


Before and after Kinder care is available.

For More Information

 In order to learn more about the Montrose Christian Childhood Center daycare and preschool, please call 970-249-0710 or contact us using the form below.

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